18 November 2017: United Victorian Chrysler Clubs Car Show

18 Nov 2017

Smokey & The Bandit is back at Lunar Drive-in! Own a Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Valiant, DeSoto, AMC or Jeep? Then come along to the United Victorian Chrysler Clubs Show at Lunar Drive-in on  November  18 2017!  Gates open from 4 pm  and Lunar Cafe from 5pm . We have the classic 1977 movie Smokey & The Bandit and the event is open to all makes and models of cars, yes even non-Chrysler products! 

There will be Mopars as far as the eye can see on the ramps so come along and enjoy the evening.
Gates open 4:00pm and Lunar Cafe from 5pm
All welcome.

The Lunar Cafe will be open all afternoon and evening for classic burgers, hot dogs, chips, donuts, drinks and popcorn. (No BBQ’s permitted in the drive-in).

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