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Welcome to Lunar Drive-In


The Lunar Café is open every night serving burgers, chips, donuts, popcorn and drinks at very affordable prices. The  Café closes at 9:35pm.

Please arrive at least 60 mins early on holidays and weekends to avoid disappointment

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Due to a new gas line being installed, the only hot food items available tonight are cheeseburgers and hot dogs. Popcorn, drinks, choc tops and hang bags are all available as usual.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.  


Tuesday 26th September, Wednesday 27th September
Gates & Lunar Cafe open from 5:45PM
Single Feature Sessions
6:30 PM Captain Underpants (G)

6:45  PM The Emoji Movie (G)
6:45 PM Lego Ninjago (G)
6:45 PM The Hitman’s Bodyguard (MA15+)
9:15 PM American Assassin (MA15+)
9:15 PM Kingsman Golden Circle (MA15+)
9:30 PM It (MA15+)
9:30 PM Mother (MA15+)


Thursday 28th Sept, Friday 29th Sept, Saturday 30th Sept,
Gates & Lunar Cafe open from 6:00PM
Single Feature Sessions
6:45 PM Captain Underpants (G)

6:45  PM The Emoji Movie (G)
6:45 PM Lego Ninjago (G)
6:45 PM 
Flatliners (M)
9:15 PM Kingsman Golden Circle (MA15+)
9:15 PM The Hitman’s Bodyguard (MA15+)
9:30 PM It (MA15+)
9:30 PM American Assassin (MA15+)



Sunday 1st Oct, Monday 2nd Oct, Tuesday 3rd Oct, Wednesday 4th Oct
Gates & Lunar Cafe open from 7:00PM
Single Feature Sessions
7:45 PM Captain Underpants (G)
7:45  PM The Emoji Movie (G)
7:45 PM Lego Ninjago (G)
7:45 PM Flatliners (M)
10:15 PM Kingsman Golden Circle (MA15+)
10:15 PM The Hitman’s Bodyguard (MA15+)
10:30 PM It (MA15+)
10:30 PM American Assassin (MA15+)



Please arrive at least 60 mins early on holidays & weekends to avoid disappointment! You must retain your ticket at all times whilst in the drive-in.


 VIDEO SURVEILLANCE AND NUMBER PLATE RECORDING: Every vehicle entering the drive-in is captured on video surveillance and all of our sessions are monitored each night. Every number plate is also recorded.  We take movie theft very seriously as it is damaging to our business. Recording of the movie or the audio soundtrack of a movie, is a criminal offence. Offenders will be reported to police and will be prosecuted under the copyright act. If you see any person recording a movie in our drive-in, contact the manager immediately and you’ll receive a reward.

Flatliners (M) Sept 28
Blade Runner 2049 (CTC) Oct 5
Happy Death Day (CTC) Oct 12
The Snowman (CTC) Oct 19
Geostorm (CTC) Oct 19
Thor Rangarock (CTC) Oct 25
Jigsaw (CTC) Oct 31 – Advanced Screenings
Jigsaw (CTC) Nov 2
Bad Moms 2 (CTC) Nov 2
Daddys Home 2 (CTC) Nov 23
Star Wars: The Last Jedi (CTC) Dec 14



Please check session times daily.



The perfect gift that you can buy on line via credit card or in person at the drive-in every night.  

Gift Vouchers now available for purchase in the Lunar Cafe or buy online now and have your pass mailed to you (takes up to 10 days for pass to arrive via Australia Post) for no extra charge by clicking here.

Note that Gift Vouchers are not online tickets, you cannot use this voucher until it is mailed out to you approx. 10 days after purchase.




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